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Stuff Happens
...and that's the clean version of that saying.

I just scanned my "latest entries" to see if I posted about any of it. 'parently not.

Let's start with my reg'lar doc calling me at home to tell me my PSA (which is NOT a public service announcement, but a test specific to the prostate gland) was elevated, and she was referring me to a Urologist, Dr. Duck. Feel free to giggle, chortle, guffaw or think humorously about my Urologist's name. I can't because this is a man who sticks things where my sun does not radiate and I need his good will.

After a round of antibiotics, the PSA is repeated, and now it is more elevated. A prostate biopsy is scheduled and conducted... but I'm getting ahead of myself. The biopsy will require me to temporarily discontinue most of my heart meds, so I need a note from my cardiologist stating that is safe to do so. The cardiologist I should have been seeing every six months or once a year—but haven't. It's been so long since I last saw the heart guys, they list me as a new patient. (Bad, Gary! Bad!) Drs. Han and Gilligan cheerfully permit the stoppage of heart drugs, but update my EKG files and test my Internal Cardio Defibrillator (ICD) and lo! It has reached end of battery life and needs replacement. But the biopsy is first.

And is totally negative. No sign of cancer.

And the ICD replacement goes without a hitch.

Life goes on.


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