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July? Not great, dietwise. August? Sucks.
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Steak. It's What's For Supper
I wish I had taken pictures. I bought a package of New York strip steaks, four, just under a half pound each. I just happened to have a package of three tinfoil cake pans (8X8 with lids), so I sprayed them (the pans) all with cooking spray, sprinkled liberally garlic powder and pepper and put a steak in each. The fourth got cooked in a baking pan right away. The sides for that one were a half pound of red potatoes, diced, mixed with diced onions and nuked for six minutes. Then the spudonions joined the steak to get broiled in my toaster oven for almost fifteen minutes. That was Monday.

Since I was prepping three other steaks, one got a russet potato, nuked in a wrapper for eight minutes, then sliced in half and the guts scooped out, mashed, mixed with butter and Mozzarella cheese and put back in. That steak is for Jen Garsdotter, who complains she just can't cook a steak. Oh, the steak got a splash of Wortyshar, Woostashir... Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkle of Zatarain's Blackened Seasoning (too much sodium for me!)

My steak tonight got a side of broccoli and carrots and about 100 grams of red potatoes.

That leaves one more steak, and I have another one of those wrapped potatoes. Broiled or not, I think that's called "twice baked potato." I don't have any sour cream. Maybe cream cheese? But that's for tomorrow. Maybe green beans to go-with. I still have some pre-cooked bacon I can break up, some in the spud, some in the beans.

Then I have a package of six sirloins to start on. :)

Well, my last supper, last meal, really, before my semi-annual check-up tomorrow at 9:40 PDT. Fasting, you know. I'll eat when I get home.

Based on yesterday's shopping therapy, I ate pork chops today. Big, thick, boneless chops, over a half pound each. I had one for brunch with a half pound baked potato (russet, not red). I ate the other a little bit ago, with some 'pasketti' halves and a can of diced tomatoes, no salt added. What I did add was a half serving of shredded mozzarella cheese, some roasted garlic, onion powder and pepper, and a dash of powdered habanero on the chop. Drinkies was "Sparkling ICE," a flavored carbonated water drink. When I say that, I wonder what the difference is betwixt that and my old stand-by, caffeine free diet cola. Sucralose... is that Splenda? Nutrasweet? Id doesn't matter, the followup drinks will be Deerpark Spring Water, or Tea, Earl Grey (decaf), Hot made with that same spring water.

Depending on my PCP's orders, tomorrow will be either fish or sirloin. The sides might be salad or brown rice. I have four bag-o-salads to eat NLT August 2, best by date. After that, I break out the chicken and the wok and do stir fry. Massive stir fry for leftovers (that never seems to work!)
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The big clock on the wall says Monday, 12:05 AM, but my computer (as I once mentioned) runs on Pacific time. It says Sunday, 9:30 PM. Being Sunday, I took Jen out for dinner and shopping. I picked Ruby Tuesday, because it fits the diet so well, and it was my turn, so there. After, we went to Home Depot, Target, Sonic's and Food Lion. Payday is 2 days away, so we didn't go nuts anywhere. Jen got to add one plant to her aloe collection (some kind of spikey thing), and a quart of white paint for continuing touch-ups. Next, some back to school stuff, plus toilet paper and flushable wipes. (Exciting, yes?) All we got at Sonics is a large diet cola. At Food Lion, I got some sirloins, boneless pork chops, boneless/skinless chicken breasts and fresh tuna steaks, and a bag-o-salad (Jen got one too), and "Chill," the FL Brand of sparkling water (black raspberry and black cherry).

Back at home, I didn't feel like making another meal, so I ate microwave-baked potatoes, two of them. Instead of butter, I sprayed the innards with butter-flavored cooking spray, added pepper, chili powder, salt substitute. Filled me up nicely.

I'm... satisfied.
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Snarl! Grrr! Rant & Rave!
I have been a Good Do-Bee. I have followed my diet religiously! I have five salads left until my next appointment with my PCP, and I HAVE NOT LOST AN OUNCE ALL WEEK! I am VERY TIRED of seeing 255.4 on my scales.

I even exercised, yesterday! Thought I sweated off pounds! Getting desperate, here. Trying to figure out which leg I can live without...
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Food Log Details
Microsoft Office Access Database lets me export reports. This is what I have eaten today
Date           Food Eaten                           Serv.       Meal         Cals        Carbs      Fiber       Sodium      Water
7/25/2018 Meds, day, odd (5 pills)                       1 0-AM Meds              0           0          0         0.0         0.0
7/25/2018 Cereals, GENERAL MILLS, CHEERIOS            0.32 1-breakfast          118          20          0       159.0         0.0
7/25/2018 milk, HOOD, chocolate dairy product,  2%   0.375 1-breakfast           30           1          0       135.0        90.0
7/25/2018 onions, raw                                  0.3 3-lunch               12           2          0         1.2         0.0
7/25/2018 THOMAS"S English Muffin                        1 3-lunch              130          24          0       210.0         0.0
7/25/2018 Tomatoes, raw, ripe, red                    1.94 3-lunch               35           6          0         9.7         0.0
7/25/2018 zucchini, raw                               1.24 3-lunch               21           2          0         9.9         0.0
7/25/2018 Egg, fresh, raw, whole                         1 3-lunch              143           1          0       142.0         0.0
7/25/2018 Bacon, chicken, AL FRESCO                      1 3-lunch               30           1          0       150.0         0.0
7/25/2018 salad, Premium Romaine, MARKETSIDE             1 3-lunch               45           6          0        45.0         0.0
7/25/2018 Peppers, raw, jalapeno                       0.4 3-lunch               12           1          0         1.2         0.0
7/25/2018 tea, Earl Grey, hot, decaf                     1 4-tea                 10           3          0        30.0      1000.0
7/25/2018 Sweetener, stevia, packet                      4 4-tea                 16          16          0         0.0         0.0
7/25/2018 Candy, Miniatures, RUSSELL STOVER              8 4-tea                260          32          0         0.0         0.0
          sugar free with Stevia
7/25/2018 butter, unsalted                            0.15 5-supper             108           0          0         1.7         0.0
7/25/2018 Chicken, breast meat only, raw, PERDUE      1.09 5-supper             125           0          0        71.9         0.0
7/25/2018 Rice, Brown, UNCLE BENS, cooked, parboiled     1 5-supper             368          74          0        10.0         0.0
7/25/2018 Candy, Miniatures, RUSSELL STOVER              8 6-Snacks             260          32          0         0.0         0.0                    
          sugar free with Stevia
7/25/2018 Clear Sparkling Water, can                     1 7-drinks               0           0          0         8.0       355.0
7/25/2018 Meds, night (2 pills)                          1 0-AM Meds              0           0          0         0.0         0.0
 Totals (rounded)                                                              1722         222          0         982        1445
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Things I've Learned to Appreciate
Subscription email took me to Pinterest. Pinterest took me (many places including) to College Humor. College Humor had 8 Things we learn to appreciate as we get older. And that leads me to:

1. A Clean Refrigerator. Since I'm the one who cleans it, having it clean and clean smelling is important! I eat stuff in there!
2. Free time to poop. Yes, I usually take a book to occupy my mind while my body does its business. No rush.
3. More storage. I just went through a spring cleaning and gave much of what I was storing to Goodwill. I added cupboards and cabinets and bookshelves. Anyone needs more storage space!
4. Even more storage. I've got two external terabyte hard drives and 15 thumb drives of various capacities, 50 or 60 DVDRWs and a few memory cards (like in my camera.) So naturally, I use the Cloud(s). More Power? No, More Storage!
5. Vacuuming. Stuff doesn't come off the floor by itself, yo. Or window sills, or corners, or shelves.
Dusting. I have two Swiffer Sweepers (and parts of a third) and all the wet and dry stuff that goes with 'em, and I know how to use 'em!
6. Let's just say I appreciate a clean toilet and let it go at that.

Is there other stuff? You betcha, but the toaster oven just dinged that dinner's ready (breast of chicken on brown rice with butter.)

A few words about Pizza for those who have no clue of what New Yorker's know almost instinctively. There is a set of "optimal" ratios between sauce, cheese, oil and spices. The dough also needs certain characteristics. Pizza is normally rated on a "days" system; a New Yorker won't call something "Pizza" until a certain number of days elapse from the last time he had New York pizza.

This stuff was in the 3-5 day range for Pizza; After a minimum of three days after eating a NY Pizza I'd be willing to call it that. Needless to say that nobody's figured out how many days it would take for either Pizza Hut or Dominoes to taste like a "Pizza" to a New Yorker, but it's thought to exceed the human lifespan by a fair margin, and may need to use the multiple life-time scale of the extensions made to copyright.

- Ecstatic Cling, Jack C. Lipton

For the record, not every author lets his own prejudices flood into his fiction. For example, I have eaten the offerings from Pizza Hut and Dominoes, and found the former acceptable and the latter tolerable. My daughter seems to prefer DiGeorno in the box (rising, not stuffed crust). But I've also eaten pizza in New England, at Greek and Italian and Portuguese restaurants, and I've eaten New York Pizza - I've even eaten Pizza in Italy - and I have to say that Milwaukee pizza beats them all.

I wonder if Great Oaks Pizza in Gales Ferry, CT, is still in business?

...why isn't the slope generally down?

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Definitely not only salads!
I ate the sushi for brunch, technically, I'm having a salad for... later. So, I ask, "What is the difference between dinner and supper?"

"Yahoo answers says: What's the difference between SUPPER and DINNER? And when and where did the two terms originate from?

" Best Answer: SUPPER:
"1. A light evening meal when dinner is taken at midday.
"2. A light meal eaten before going to bed.
"1.the main meal of the day, eaten in the evening or at midday.
"2.a formal meal in honor of some person or occasion.

"The word dinner comes from the french word diner, which means the chief meal of the day. Dinner can also mean a more sophisticated meal like a banquet. The word comes from the Latin disiunare, which means to break fast (like in the English word breakfast).
"In the United Kingdom and Ireland, supper was originally a light meal eaten just before bedtime. This meaning is still retained for the case of an "after-theatre supper"

I read other answers, and it comes down to "It's a local thing, or a family thing, how you were raised." It means different things to different people, or no difference at all to others. I realized I had used them interchangeably all my life.

And anyway, the question I really wanted to ask is, "If brunch is just a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch to signify a meal taken between them, what is the meal taken between lunch and the evening meal?" I wondered if "dinner" filled that gap. The best answer I got was "tea." Tea as a meal in the English sense, not merely as a beverage.

"There were actually two types of English tea. High tea and low tea, low tea is served on low tables such as coffee tables etc. This tradition was started in the 17th century. Anna, 7th duchess of Bedford is credited with starting low tea. During this time period food was served at breakfast and not again until a very late dinner. The Duchess became hungry long before the late evening meal. She requested her maid bring her a pot of tea with a little bread and butter and some cake. Eventually the Duchess invited friends to join her. Low tea became a social event in England.

"High tea was served at a high table, such as a dining room table. It was the evening meal of the working class and consisted of more substantial foods such as meat pies
shepherd's pie, potatoes, cheeses and other filling foods.

"As both name suggest tea was always served."

In the food diary portion of my databas, I modified meals as follows:
0 Morning Meds
1 Breakfast
2 Brunch
3 Lunch
4 Tea
5 Supper
6 Snacks
7 Drinks
8 Evening Meds

That supper/dinner salad is a four-serving bag of Marketside Classic Iceberg Salad, plus 163 grams of Red Bell Pepper, 63 grams of tomato, 167 grams of zucchini, 204 grams of yellow onion , and two strips of pre-cooked chicken bacon. I'll top it with home made dressing of olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic, jalapeno powder, black pepper.

But I'm hungry NOW, so for tea I'm having a 265 gram Granny Smith apple.


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